True Spirit Revival is your new favourite way to experience yoga. Imagine your uplifting yoga practice, merged with live music, humour, challenge and connection. This exciting ‘Yoga Loves Music’ workshop collaboration between two internationally renowned presenters, Canadian-born yoga instructor, Kimberly Erin, and Australian singer- songwriter, Tom Richardson, evolved from a chance meeting at a Canadian music festival in 2012.


Since their introduction, the pair has taken their unique partnership and respective talents to festivals, retreats, studios, bars and theatres throughout the world. In 2017, their frequent flyer points will continue to accumulate, with tours booked throughout Australia, North America, Europe and South-East Asia. 

Kim guides an emotive yoga practice, using juicy pranayama & asana. Balancing ancient wisdom and yoga origins with light-hearted fun, the practice builds into a peak Vinyasa flow, continuing to strengthen, engage and get stuff moving! The final moments offer surrender & savour, to focus on the highest vibration of unity with spirit.


“Yoga is such a fascinating, diverse, ancient, undefined practice and I am constantly being humbled by the wisdom I have yet to learn. It is my joy and honour to teach, study and share Yoga in the world!” - Kimberly Erin.


Music comes from, and speaks directly to the soul and whether consciously or sub-consciously vibrations awaken the mojo. People who have experienced yoga before know the feeling of bliss upon leaving a yoga class, centered and relaxed, yet supercharged. The additional energy and literal vibrations of live music during a yoga session greatly enhances these feelings.


“Yoga & music are best friends.... How can they not be?! Our minds, bodies and hearts are programmed to move when we hear music. To tap our toes, nod our heads, DANCE! Or, flow through a series of magical yoga poses. Somewhere along the line, some western dude came up with this crazy idea that music was meant to be played in a fancy concert hall, and people were to be placed in organized rows and to sit still. No thanks!” - Tom Richardson.


Personally having a strong connection to the practice of yoga, Tom shares a live soundtrack that intertwines and mirrors Kim's dynamic yoga flow. Tom's positive humility, demeanour and lyrics spin a musical web amongst delicious slide guitar and infectious rhythms. Using the latest in loop pedal technology, the live soundscape enters the ears and pours straight into the heart, inviting participants to dive deeper & evolve their personal practice.

Having spent the past two years connecting with a dedicated yoga community in Warrnambool on Victoria’s south-west coastline, Richardson & Erin expanded out of their studio, Seachange Yoga, and took Yoga Loves Music to the early risers at Port Fairy Folk Festival & Queenscliff Music Festival. This year, throughout February and March, the duo will take their soul & sounds to yogis across Victoria and also Western Australia, launching their brand new Yoga Loves Music album - ‘Live In Canada’. The recording reflects the infusion of play felt during their workshops. Following these Australian shows, Kim & Tom will share the love at their SOLD OUT retreat in Bali, Indonesia before stops throughout Europe & North America.


On this tour, Tom & Kim decided to take yoga to the community, utilising a multitude of venues. They are looking forward to reviving true spirits through their insightful and enlightening workshops & retreats - connecting yogis and music lovers at festivals, conferences and studios across the globe.

"Thank you both for last night's session. Kim, I'm so impressed with the wise words that you shared. What a talent! One of your pearls of wisdom really touched me and made me cry. And Tom, I already knew how talented you are. Thank you both so much for this experience. It was a real treat!"

- Hanneke (Canada)

"Kimberly & Tom both ooze love, positivity, and good health… Not to mention their skill in both Yoga & Music. I have absolutely love my yoga classes with Kimberly. Her voice fills me with a sense of security whilst also challenging me to looks after me."

- Tami (Australia) 


"Tonight was the first time I experienced Yoga Loves Music with True Spirit Revival. I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that the combination truly touched me and took me to a sacred place. Tonight’s practise was so amazing! The vibrations of the sound, I could feel pulsing through my veins. Kim did such an awesome job of centring my mind. My awareness was centred in my heart for the whole duration & paired with the live sound from Tom, my mind was able to remain in a peaceful place. SO AMAZING & INSPIRATIONAL. I feel truly blessed to be a part of something so magical!! Light & Love."

- Jess (Australia)



"A beautiful practise. I have not practised in years and I felt incredibly safe & supported! Kim & Tom are amazingly talented professionals and I would recommend this experience to anyone whether they have an advanced practice or are just beginning."

- Tamara (Australia)



"True Spirit Revival came into my life just as I was looking to expand my yoga practise and filled a hole I didn’t know existed. The practise always seemed to touch exactly where I needed it too, whether it be filling a space or emptying one, expanding or drawing inward. Likewise, Kim’s words and teaching always touched my soul and felt like they were direct to me and me alone. I can only hope to be half the teacher Kim is in the future and would love nothing more than for her to be my guide."

- Michelle (Australia)


"Thank-you for a wonderful experience, with the unity of Yoga Loves Music. You both embody strength, wisdom, harmony & love and the combination of the yoga teaching & love of music create the most beautiful space! I was able to reach into my body & soul for one big healing LOVE boost, along with tranquillity through the mind. Wow… thank-you!! Namaste."

- Pam (Australia)


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